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This is an exciting new role in a fast growing, innovative and award winning food company. We are looking for someone to join the team to lead our production and manufacturing. We are looking for someone reliable to manage the day to day operations of our production site whilst providing leadership to a growing team of production staff.

Does this sound like you?

You are responsible and passionate about your work. You care about the outcomes of your work and want to make sure you do a good job at all times.
You are hyper-organised and love putting systems and processes in place to ensure things run smoothly.
You like learning and are keen to learn all areas of our operation.
You are a quick thinker. You are always thinking a couple of steps ahead of the team and you provide solutions instead of problems if unexpected things do crop up.
You have high standards and attention to detail. It is very important to us that our customers get the highest quality products. It’ll be your job to make sure that happens and you’ll take it very seriously.
You are a leader and a team player too. People look up to you and respect you as a leader but they also love working with you too. You know that when people enjoy their work they do a better job but you know work needs to be efficient and meet high standards at the same time.
Although you’ll be leading the operation you’re not afraid to get stuck in and do the day-to-day work too.
You’re a good communicator. You can give clear instructions and know how to give and receive feedback in the right way.
You want to work for a cool, innovative and growing food company with a team of staff that really care about their work, their customers and the planet too.
You want to grow with our company, we are looking for staff who want to be part of our team and come on our journey with us. We are a growing company with big plans to scale. Please only apply if you are serious about this opportunity.

Key Responsibilities:

Be responsible for managing the day to day running of our production site in a professional, efficient and organised manner.
Plan and implement daily and weekly production schedules in line with demand.
Maintain an efficient production operation across the site within the defined budget.
Define all operating processes and systems and ensure they are adhered to by all members of staff at all times.
Ensure that Health and Safety regulations are adhered to across the production site.
Ensure that compliance to Food Safety standards are maintained at all times across the site.
Ensure that the team is complying to all HACCP, SALSA and other required standards at all times.
Ensure that all ingredients used for production are compliant, safe and legal.
Regularly inspect the site and QA all items for compliance to our production standards.
Be responsible for managing, monitoring and ordering ingredients and stock to meet production demands.
Be responsible for monitoring and maintaining all production equipment and escalating any items that are not in working order to management for repairs.
Excellent communication skills both verbal and written.
Computer literacy – able to use a spreadsheet to track stock levels and order ingredients via internal systems.
Produce internal production reports regarding production volumes, stock levels and other data points.
Be able to manage other members of staff, motivate a team, lead by example and provide feedback in a constructive way as required. A minimum of 3 years experience as a kitchen manager, production manager or within manufacturing.

Additional Perks:

We won’t give you another bullet point list but you should know that we are a fun company to work for and have lots of employee perks including free dairy-free cheese, staff pensions, paid-holiday and a budget for investing in further staff training.

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To apply for this job please visit

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